Learn to Fiddle Country Style

Tracy Schwarz

Initial release : 1965



  • Tuning
  • The Scale of A
  • Base and Unison Notes
  • The Saw Stroke
  • Learning Cripple Creek with the Saw Stroke
  • Cripple Creek with More Notes
  • Double String Runs
  • Saw Stroke Version of Cripple Creek
  • Nashville Shuffle Stroke
  • Nashville Shuffle Version of Cripple Creek
  • Combined Nashville Shuffle and Saw Strokes
  • Cripple Creek Using Combined Nashville Shuffle and Saw Strokes
  • Long Bow Stroke
  • Cripple Creek using Only the Long Bow Stroke
  • Combining the Long Bow and Saw Strokes
  • Combination of Long Bow and Nashville Shuffle Strokes in Old Joe Clark
  • Combination of Long Bow, Saw, and Nashville Shuffle Strokes in Cripple Creek
  • Base, Unison, and Octave Notes in G
  • Leather Britches in G
  • Key of D
  • Ragtime Annie in D
  • Key of C
  • Texas Waggoner in C
  • Double Stops in G
  • Double Stops in D
  • Double Stops in A
  • Double Stops in C
  • Country Vibrato
  • Sliding into Notes
  • Open G and A Tunings
  • Black Mt. Blues A Tuning
  • Black Mountain Blues
  • Bonaparte's Retreat (D tuning #1)
  • Bonaparte's Retreat
  • D Tunings #2 and #3
  • Rocking the Bow
  • Jolly Blacksmiths in A
  • Trills
  • Soldier's Joy in D with an Old Time Start
  • Single String Runs
  • Bluegrass Fiddle in 3/4 Time
  • Bluegrass Fiddle Lead in 4/4 Time
  • Fiddle Tune Type Lead in 4/4 Time
  • Bluegrass Vibrato
  • Double Shuffle
  • Banjo-Fiddle Music
  • Guitar-Fiddle Music
  • Guitar-Banjo-Fiddle Music

  • Tracy Schwarz - fiddle
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