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Leaves Of Grass

Oliver Waitze

Initial release : 1993

David Grisman plays on two tracks of this album.


  • MC Woatz (Waitze)
  • Woatz Waits For Sunnyman (Waitze)
  • Leaves Of Grass (Waitze)
  • Flying Aunts In Space (Waitze)
  • Morning Sun (Waitze)
  • No Water, No Fee (Waitze)
  • Dedicated Song (Waitze)
  • Woatztones (Waitze)
  • Spice For Rice (Waitze)
  • Between The Covers (Waitze)
  • St. Anne's Reel (Waitze)
  • Stand By (Waitze)
  • Marmorean (Waitze)
  • Traditionally Brewed (Waitze)
  • Woatz Waits For Sunnyman (Waitze)

  • Oliver Waitze
  • David Grisman - mandolin (Morning Sun & Marmorean)

  • Morning Sun & Marmorean were recorded at Dawg Studios in 1992
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