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Matthews' Southern Comfort / Second Spring

Matthews' Southern Comfort

Initial release : 2006

Beat Goes On

A 2-on-1 CD release of two albums from 1969. Tom Paley played on the Second Spring album.


  • Colorado Springs Eternal (Barlby)
  • A Commercial Proposition (Thompson)
  • The Castle Far (Barlby)
  • Please Be My Friend (Matthews)
  • What We Say (Matthews)
  • Dream Song (Matthews)
  • Fly Pigeon Fly (Barlby / Hamwood)
  • The Watch (Matthews / Barlby / Comford)
  • Sweet Bread (Barlby)
  • Thoughts for a Friend (Matthews)
  • I've Lost You (Barlby)
  • Once Upon a Lifetime (Matthews / Barlby)
  • Ballad of Obray Ramsey (Matthews)
  • Moses in the Sunshine (Barnwell)
  • Jinkson Johnson (Matthews)
  • The Tale of the Trial (Matthews)
  • Blood Red Roses (Matthews)
  • Even As (Barnwell)
  • Darcy Farrow (Campbell / Gillette)
  • Something in the Way She Moves (Taylor)
  • Southern Comfort (Tyson)
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