Memphis Jug Band, Vol. 2

The Memphis Jug Band

Initial release : 1998



  • Lindberg Hop
  • Sugar Pudding
  • A Black Woman Is Like a Black Snake
  • On the Road Again
  • Whitehouse Station Blues
  • Stealin' Stealin'
  • Jug Band Waltz
  • Mississippi River Waltz
  • Better Leave That Stuff Alone
  • She Stabbed Me With an Ice-Pick
  • I Can't Stand It
  • What's the Matter
  • Dirty Butter
  • The Old Folks Started It
  • Won't You Be Kind to Me?
  • You Wouldn't , Would You Papa?
  • Feed Your Girlfriend With a Long Handled Spoon
  • I Can Beat You Plenty (That Hand You Tried to Deal Me)
  • Taking Your Place
  • Tired of You Driving Me
  • Memphis Yo Yo Blues
  • K.C. Moan
  • I Whipped My Woman With a Single Tree
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