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Midnight in the Twilight Factory

Mason Jones

Initial release : 1999


One of the tracks on this release was recorded live at the Edinburgh Castle in San Francisco in 1998. Two of the other tracks are studio recordings the third was recorded live at the Monterey Rock & Pop Festival in 1997.

Tracks / musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Stone Clouds (Jones)
  • In a Warm Place (Jones)
  • Twilight Fall (Jones)
  • A Slow, Wide Vibration (Jones) *
* recorded at the Edinburgh Castle.


  • Mason Jones - guitar
  • Jason Stein - bass (on In A Warm Place)
  • Kevin Goldsmith - electric cello (on A Slow, Wide Vibration)
  • Bill Horist -guitar (on A Slow, Wide Vibration)
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