Mountain Music of Peru, Vol 2

Various Artists

Initial release : 1994

Smithsonian Folkways

Field recordings collected by John Cohen in Peru.


  • Corneta de Cachu (Cowhorn Trumpet) and Metal Trumpet
  • Women Sing at Sacsamarca near Huancavelica
  • Women Sing Chirimoya at Sacsamarca
  • Wooden Tube Trumpet, Drum and Singing at Pucara, Huancayo
  • Flutes and Singers at Concurso Radio Broadcast, Huancayo
  • Guitar, Fiddle, Man Sings at Concurso
  • Fiddle, Young Girl Sings at Concurso
  • Trumpet, Woman Sings, Fiddles, Dancers at Concurso
  • Fiddle and Saxophone at Concurso
  • Street Band: Clarinets, Saxophones and Harps at Huancayo
  • Woman and Tinya: Belaunde and Haya de la Torre
  • Music from Carnival: Three Flutes and a Drum
  • Song of Lake Titicaca (Three Women)
  • Music from the Choquela Ceremony
  • Los Jilacatas: Panpipes from Chimo
  • Love Song of the Animals (Charango and Men)
  • Lullaby (One Woman)
  • Song for a Dead Baby (Charango, Woman and Man)
  • Que Vamos a Lago (Charango, Woman and Man)
  • Choquela Cermony
  • Singing, Flutes and Drums at Lakeshore, Chimo
  • Qhantati Ururi: Easter Music
  • Qhantati Ururi: Social Dance
  • Tarkas de Putina: Carnival Music
  • Pitus de Cambria: Fiesta de la Cruz
  • Pinkillus de Lloquesani: Carnival Music
  • Chiriguanos de Huancané: Fiesta de la Cruz
  • Pinkillus de Acora: Carnival Music
  • Centro Social Conima, 1986: Manuelita
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