My Baby's Gone

The Louvin Brothers

Initial release : 1960



  • My Baby's Gone (Houser)
  • Blue from Now On (Leisy)
  • When I Loved You (Louvin / Louvin)
  • She Didn't Even Know I Was Gone (Louvin / Louvin)
  • You're Running Wild (Edenton / Winter)
  • Plenty of Everything But You (Louvin / Louvin)
  • I Wish You Knew (Louvin / Louvin)
  • While You're Cheating on Me (Louvin / Louvin)
  • Lorene (Louvin / Louvin)
  • I Wish It Had Been a Dream (Louvin / Louvin)
  • The First One to Love You (Carter)
  • My Baby Came Back (Louvin / Louvin)
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