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New Country, Volume 3, Number 6

Various Artists

Initial release : 1996

New Country

This compilation distributed with New Country magazine includes a tracks by Peter Rowan.


  • Watson Allman - Sam Bush
  • Womb To The Tomb - Bill Kirchen
  • Truckin' Man - Dale Watson
  • I Don't Think Of Her - Bob Neuwirth
  • Nat King Cole Porter Wagoner Sort Of Thing - The Bum Steers
  • Slippin' And Slidin' (And Scootin' Around) - The Dave & Deke Combo
  • Sugar For Sugar - Robin & Linda Williams
  • You Taught Me How To Lose - Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan
  • Monopoly On The Blues - The Hangdogs
  • G Bop - Alison Brown
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You Taught Me How To Lose was originally released on:

  • Yonder, Peter Rowan and Jerry Douglas, 1996
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