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Old Time Music

The New Lost City Ramblers & Friends

Initial release : 1994

Passport / Vanguard


  • Introduction
  • Leather Britches
  • Free Little Bird
  • My Name Is John Johanna
  • Jesse James
  • Bow Down
  • Stone's Rag
  • Gold Watch And Chain
  • Worried Man Blues
  • Little Darlin' Pal Of Mine
  • Wildwood Flower
  • Sally Johnson
  • Little Birdie
  • Sail Away Ladies
  • Old Tim Brooks
  • Pretty Little Miss Out In The Garden
  • Lost John
  • Chilly Winds
  • Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
  • Waterbound
  • Needle Case
  • Roll On Buddy
  • Bowling Green
  • San Antonio Rose
  • The Old Gospel Ship
  • Train 45
  • Oh Death
  • Weapon Of Prayer
  • Black Jack Davey
  • This World Is Not My Home

  • John Cohen
  • Mike Seeger
  • Tracy Schwarz
  • Cousin Emmy - on Free Little Bird, Jesse James, Bow Down, Old Tim Brooks, Pretty Little Miss In The Garden, Lost John, Wish I Was A Single Girl Again, Bowling Green and This Worls Is Not My Home
  • Maybelle Carter - on Worried Man Blues, Little Darlin' Pal Of Mine and Wildwood Flower
  • Eck Robertson - on Sally Johnson
  • Roscoe Holcomb - on Little Birdie
  • Sam McGee - on Roll On Buddy
  • Kirk McGee - on Needle Case and Roll On Buddy
  • Dock Boggs - on Oh Death

  • Producer, annotation - Mary Katherine Aldin
  • Mixing, engineering for release - Jeff Zaraya
  • Package design - Unicorn Publishing Services
  • Photographs - Joe Alper
  • Special thanks to John Cohen, Tracy Schwarz and Mike Seeger for the hands on the wheel
  • Thanks also to Beulah David, Peter Guralnick, Chris & Connie Hillman, Mark A. Humphrey, Jeff Warner, Jeff David and Peter Yarrow
  • Recorded live at the Newport Folk Festival 1963 to 1965

  • This release is dedicated to the memory of Ralph Rinzler
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