On the Radio 1952-1953

The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover

Initial release : 2002


Some of the photos in the CD booklet are by John Cohen.


  • Intro
  • Why Don't You Tell Me So (Flatt)
  • That Star Belongs to Me (Mainer)
  • Here Rattler Here (Grandpa Jones / Traditional)
  • Rawhide (Monroe)
  • Girl With the Blue Velvet Band (Traditional)
  • Why Did You Wander (Flatt / Monroe)
  • Don't Make Me Go to Bed and I'll Be Good (Cross)
  • The Old Man's Story (Monroe)
  • I'll Still Write Your Name in the Sand (Starcher)
  • No Mother or Dad (Flatt / Seckler)
  • Cumberland Gap (Traditional)
  • The Old Home Town (Flatt)
  • Good Old Mountain Dew (Grandpa Jones / Traditional)
  • What Is a Home Without Love (Harris)
  • We're Going to Have a Big Time Here Tonight (York)
  • When the Saints Go Marching In (Traditional)
  • Sinner You Better Get Ready (Public Domain)
  • The Prisoner's Song (Massey / Public Domain)
  • Cumberland Gap (Traditional)

  • Bea Lilly - guitar, vocals
  • Charles Lilly - mandolin, vocals
  • Don Stover - banjo, vocals
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