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Pioneering Women of Bluegrass

Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard

Initial release : May 1996

Smithsonian Folkways 40065

David Grisman plays on at least one track of this compilation of music recorded in the mid 1960s. Some of the photos, including the front cover, are by John Cohen.


  • TB Blues (Or They're At Rest Together) (Callahan)
  • The One I Love Is Gone (Monroe)
  • Who's That Knocking? (Traditional)
  • Walkin' In My Sleep (Traditional)
  • Won't You Come And Sing For Me? (Dickens)
  • Can't You Hear Me Calling (Monroe)
  • Darling Nellie Across The Sea (Carter)
  • Coal Miner's Blues (Carter)
  • Sugar Tree Stomp (Smith)
  • Train On The Island (Traditional)
  • Cowboy Jim (Dickens)
  • Lee Highway Blues (Traditional)
  • Memories Of Mother And Dad (Monroe)
  • Long Black Veil (Dill/Wilkin)
  • Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar (Delmore Brothers)
  • Difficult Run (Grier)
  • Mommy Please Stay Home With Me (Arnold/Fowler/Hall)
  • Gabriel's Call (Dickens/Foster/Marash)
  • Just Another Broken Heart (Carter)
  • A Distant Land To Roam (Carter)
  • John Henry (Traditional)
  • I Just Got Wise (Stanley)
  • Lover's Return (Carter)
  • A Tiny Broken Heart (Louvin/Louvin)
  • Take Me Back To Tulsa (Duncan/Wills)
  • I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling (Monroe)

  • Hazel Dickens - bass, vocals
  • Alice Gerrard - guitar, vocals
Other musicians involved include;
  • David Grisman - mandolin
  • Chubby Wise - fiddle
  • Lamar Grier - banjo
  • Billy Baker - fiddle
David Grisman plays on Who's That Knocking? And possibly other tracks of this compilation.


  • Original recording produced and edited by Peter Siegel
  • Original notes - Bill Vernon, Neil V. Rosenberg
  • Remastering - David Glasser at Airshow
  • Audio and technical coordination - Pete Reiniger
  • New introduction and notes - Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard, Neil V. Rosenberg
  • Reissue supervision - Anthony Seeger, Amy Horowitz
  • Production coordination - Mary Monseur, Michael Malony
  • Design - Visual Dialogue
  • Cover, back cover and page 1 photos - John Cohen
  • Rear card and CD label photos - Barry Glickman
  • Editorial assistance - Peter Seitel, Carla Borden
  • Special thanks - Dudley Connell and Tom Adams for their assistance with this recording
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