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Bela Fleck

Initial release : 1988


A compilation of instrumental tracks.


  • Deviation (Fleck)
  • Reverie (Fleck)
  • Nuns for Nixon (Fleck)
  • Malone (Malone)
  • Moontides (Fleck)
  • Another Morning (Fleck)
  • Lowdown (Fleck)
  • The Bullfrog Shuffle (Fleck)
  • Places (Fleck)
  • Snakes Alive (Fleck)
  • Ladies and Gentleman (Fleck)
  • Light Speed (Fleck)
  • Ireland (Fleck)
  • Four Wheel Drive (Fleck)
  • Perplexed (Fleck)
  • The Old Country (Fleck)
  • Hudson's Bay (Fleck)
  • Close to Home (Fleck)
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Deviation, Reverie, Nuns for Nixon, Malone and Moontides were originally released on;

Another Morning, Lowdown, The Bullfrog Shuffle, Ladies and Gentleman and Light Speed were originally released on; Ireland, Four Wheel Drive, Perplexed, The Old Country, Hudson's Bay and Close to Home are taken from;
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