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Prestige/Folklore Years, Vol. 5: Have a Feast Here Tonight

The Lilly Brothers and Don Stover

Initial release : 1999


A 2-on-1 CD release of LPs from the early 1960's.


  • Bluegrass Breakdown (Monroe)
  • I Wonder How the Old Folks Are at Home (Carter / Carter / Carter)
  • Why Did You Wander? (Traditional)
  • Miller's Cave (Clement)
  • Wildwood Flower (Carter)
  • Have a Feast Here Tonight (Monroe)
  • Rollin' On (Monroe)
  • Beneath the Old Southern Skies (Lilly)
  • The Storms Are on the Ocean (Carter)
  • Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Scruggs)
  • That Star Belongs to Me (Mainer)
  • Billy in the Low Ground (Traditional)
  • Roll in My Sweet Baby's Arms (Flatt)
  • Goodbye Maggie (Monroe)
  • I'm Troubled, I'm Troubled (Traditional)
  • Long Black Veil (Dill / Wilkin)
  • Butcher Boy (Traditional)
  • Dig a Hole in the Meadow (Flatt / Scruggs)
  • Weeping Willow Tree (Monroe)
  • There'll Come a Time (Traditional)
  • Open up Them Pearly Gates (Traditional)
  • Rosewood Casket (Carter Family)
  • Jack and Mac (Traditional)
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The music on this CD release was originally released on 2 LPs;

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