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Remembrance of Things to Come

The New Lost City Ramblers

Initial release : 1966



  • Soldier's Joy (Traditional)
  • The Titanic (Carter)
  • Single Girl (Traditional)
  • Lord Bateman (Traditional)
  • I'm Lonesome (Richardson / Schwarz)
  • He IS Coming To Us Dead (Traditional)
  • The Cat's Got The Measles And The Dog's Got The Whooping Cough (Traditional)
  • Rock About My Saro Jane (Traditional)
  • Black Bottom Strut (Traditional)
  • New Lost Hometown Blues (arr. Seeger)
  • Dark And Stormy Weather (Carter)
  • Black Jack Daisy (arr Chandler / Cohen)
  • Never Be As Fast As I Have Been (Traditional)
  • Little Ball Of Yarn (Traditional)
  • The Sioux Indians (Traditional)
  • Parlez-nous A Boire (Dewey Balfa)
  • The Arkansas Sheik (Traditional)
  • Give The Fiddler A Dram (Traditional)

  • John Cohen - guitar, banjo, triangle, vocals
  • Tracy Schwarz - guitar, fiddle, spoons, vocals
  • Mike Seeger - guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, autoharp, mouth harp, vocals

  • Recording engineer - Peter Bartok
  • Producer - New Lost City Ramblers and Moses Asch
  • Album sleeve notes - Mike Seeger, John Cohen, Tracy Schwarz
  • Recorded in August 1966

The sleeve notes provided by Seeger, Cohen and Schwarz provide information about the source or inspiration behind each song on the LP. The sources listed for each song are:

  • Soldier's Joy - "in the manner of" the Crook Brothers
  • The Titanic - The Carter Family, Acme 1000-B
  • Single Girl - learned in person from Roscoe Holcomb and from Mountain Music Of Kentucky, Folkways FA 2317
  • Lord Bateman - field recording of Pleaz Mobley, Manchester KY, 1943, Library of Congress AAFS L 12
  • I'm Lonesome - Blue Ridge Boys, Blue Ridge 306
  • He Is Coming To Us Dead - Whitter and Grayson, Victor 21139
  • The Cat's Got The Measles And The Dog's Got The Whooping Cough - Jerry Jordan, Supertone 9740A
  • Rock About My Saro Jane Uncle Dave Macon and his Fruit Jar Drinkers, Brunswick B-1024
  • Black Bottom Strut - Old Timey LP 101, Three Stripped Gears
  • New Lost Hometown Blues - based on 3 tunes: Hometown Blue (Roane County Ramblers, Columbia 15328), Lee Highway Blues (Grayson & Whitter / Scott Stoneman, Chubby Wise / Art Wooten) and Hitch-hiker Blues (Jack Youngblood, Columbia 21298)
  • Dark And Stormy Weather - The Carter Family, Bluebird 8868
  • Black Jack Daisy - learned from Dillard Chandler
  • Never Be As Fast As I Have Been - Grayson & Whitter, Victor 23565
  • Little Ball Of Yarn - learned from recording of unnamed 80 year old woman in Mena, Arkansas made by Sidney Robertson in 1936
  • The Sioux Indians - Alex Moore, Auston TX, Library of Congress
  • Parlez-nous A Boire - learned from tape recorded by Dewey Balfa in October 1965 for the Newport Folk Foundation
  • The Arkansas Sheik - Clayton McMichen & Riley Puckett, Columbia 15686 (see also Lilly Brothers & Don Stover Folkways 2433 and Cousin Emmy, Decca 24213)
  • Give The Fiddler A Dram - Carter Bros. And Son, Okeh 45289
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