Riding That Midnight Train: Starday King Recordings 1958-1961

The Stanley Brothers

Initial release : 1999



  • Holiday Pickin' (Stanley)
  • That Happy Night (Stanley)
  • Love Me Darling Just Tonight (Malone / Rakes)
  • She's More to Be Pitied (Rakes)
  • How Mountain Girls Can Love (Rakes)
  • The Memory of Your Smile (Rakes)
  • Train 45 (Rakes)
  • Trust Each Other (Stanley)
  • Ridin' That Midnight Train (Stanley)
  • Shackles and Chains (Davis)
  • Man of Constant Sorrow (Traditional)
  • How Far to Little Rock (Rakes)
  • My Main Trial Is Yet to Come (Anglin)
  • If I Lose (Poole)
  • Rank Strangers (Brumley)
  • Let the Church Roll On (Traditional)
  • Daybreak in Dixie (Stanley)
  • Let Me Love You One More Time (Stanley)
  • Finger Poppin' Time (Ballard)
  • The Wild Side of Life (Carter, Warren)
  • The Drunken Driver (Westmoreland)
  • Steel Guitar Rag (Martin / Weaver)
  • You're Still to Blame (Stanley)
  • Hey, Hey, Hey (Stanley)
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