Sicks in the City

Kinsey Sicks

Initial release : 2002

Kinsey Sicks

Some of the tracks on this release were recorded live at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco in 2002.

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  • You're Scaring Us
  • Locked Out of the Chapel of Love
  • Amour, Amor
  • Cruise People Uglier Than You
  • Don't Let There Be a Morning After
  • Ad Nauseum
  • Bugle Boy on Avenue B
  • What You Never Told Me
  • MCI
  • Dubya
  • Fetish
  • Leaning Close
  • It's Crystal Time in the City
  • Snatchmaker Snatchmaker
  • Nice Jewish Girls
  • Proud Marys
  • Everybody Loves a Drag Queen
  • Sexy Underwear