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Simple Pleasures

Alison Brown

Initial release : 1990

Vanguard 79459

David Grisman plays on and produced this album.

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  • Mambo Banjo (Brown)
  • Leaving Cottondale (Brown)
  • Fantasy (Brown)
  • Daytime TV (Brown)
  • Wolf Moon (Brown)
  • From the Coast (Brown)
  • Weetabix (Brown)
  • Bright and Early (Brown)
  • Waltzing with Tula (Brown)
  • Reddy Rooster (Brown)
  • Sundaze (Brown)
  • Simple Pleasures (Brown)

  • Alison Brown - banjo, guitar
  • Joe Craven - percussion
  • Matt Eakle - flute
  • David Grisman - mandolin
  • Jim Kerwin - bass
  • Alison Krauss - fiddle
  • Mike Marshall - fiddle, guitar
  • Mark Summer - cello
Five of the tracks from this album were included on the Alison Brown compilation Best Of The Vanguard Years. The musician information in the compilation booklet indicate that David Grisman plays on Wolf Moon, Mambo Banjo, Waltzing with Tula and Leaving Cottondale. He probably also play on other tracks that were not included on the compilation.


  • Producer - David Grisman
  • Engineer - David Grisman, Tom Anderson
  • Assistant engineer - David Dennison
  • Mastering - George Horn
  • Executive Producer - Craig Miller
  • Mixing - David Grisman
  • Photography - Joel Lipton
  • Pre-Production - Georgette Pantello
  • Design - Susanne Smolka
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