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Still Inside

Tony Rice Unit

Initial release : 1981


This album includes a cover of the David Grisman composition Tzigani.


  • Within Specs (Rice)
  • Devlin (Rice)
  • Mister Diffenbach (Rice)
  • Night Coach (Rice)
  • Vonetta (Klugh)
  • Tzigani (Grisman)
  • Eba (Sholle)
  • Moses Sole (Rice)
  • Birdland Breakdown (Reischman)
  • Makers Mark (Rice)

  • Tony Rice - guitar, vocals
  • John Reischman - mandolin
  • Fred Carpenter - violin
  • Todd Phillips - bass
Related releases

All tracks, except Mister Diffenbach, were subsequently included on the CD release:

  • Devlin, Tony Rice Unit, 1987
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