Stop Breaking Down

Sonny Boy Williamson

Initial release : 2000



  • Checkin' up on My Baby (Williamson)
  • Desperado Woman (Williamson)
  • Early in the Morning (Williamson)
  • The Big Boat (Williamson)
  • Stop Breaking Down (Williamson)
  • You're an Old Lady (Williamson)
  • Hoodoo Hoodoo (Williamson)
  • Sonny Boy's Cold Chills (Williamson)
  • Shake the Boogie (Williamson)
  • Mean Old Highway (Williamson)
  • Mellow Chick Swing (Williamson)
  • Lacey Belle (Williamson)
  • Apple Tree Swing (Williamson)
  • Polly Put the Kettle On (Traditional)
  • Willow Tree Blues (Brown)
  • Alcohol Blues (Williamson)
  • Sugar Gal (Brown)
  • Wonderful Time (Brown)
  • Blues About My Baby (Williamson)
  • I Love You for Myself (Williamson)
  • Bring Another Half Pint (Bogan)
  • Better Cut That Out (Williamson)
  • Southern Dream (Estes / Williamson)
  • Rub a Dub (Williamson)
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