There & Back


Initial release : 2005

Old School Metal Records

Some of the music on this double CD release was recorded live at The Stone in San Francisco in 1985.


  • Fight For Your Life
  • Wasteland
  • Bad Boys Cut Loose
  • Run For Cover
  • Eyes Of Fire
  • You're All I Need
  • Wasteland (live)
  • I've Got To Know (live)
  • Desert Of Tears (live)
  • Bad Boys Cut Loose (live)
  • Ruffian (live)
  • Run For Cover (live)
  • Fight For Your Life (demo)
  • Eyes Of Fire (demo)
  • Wasteland (demo)
  • Bad Boys Cut Loose (demo)
  • Do Or Die
  • Unchained
  • Only The Strong Survive
  • Through Your Eyes
  • Darkest Of Light
  • Bang your Head (video track)
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