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The Three Sisters

Peggy Seeger with Barbara and Penny Seeger

Initial release : 1957

Prestige International


  • Keokeokolo
  • I'm Troubled
  • I Truly Understand
  • It's a Lie
  • Newlyn Town
  • Billy Barlow
  • My Good Old Man
  • Medley of Lullabies:
    a. Baby Dear, Baby Dear
    b. Pretty Little Horses
    c. Go to Sleepy, Baby, Bye
    d. Great Big Dog
  • Little Black Train
  • Henry Lee
  • People Go Mind Your Business
  • The Old Woman and Her Little Pig
  • Green Valley
  • Rissolty Rossolty
  • Five Nights Drunk
  • Medley of Play-Party Songs:
    a. Shoe Round
    b. Old Pompey
    c. This Lady
    d. Hop Up, My Ladies

  • Peggy Seeger - guitar, banjo, autoharp, vocals
  • Barbara Seeger - autoharp, vocals
  • Penny Seeger - guitar, vocals
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