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Initial release : 1968

Decal 1003

Tomorrow's only LP.


  • My White Bicycle (Burgess/Hopkins)
  • Colonel Brown (Burgess/Hopkins)
  • Real Life Permanent Dream (Hopkins)
  • Shy Boy (Burgess/Hopkins/Hopkins)
  • Revolution (Burgess/Hopkins/Howe)
  • The Incredible Journey of Timothy Chase (Hopkins)
  • Auntie Mary's Dress Shop (Burgess/Hopkins)
  • Strawberry Fields Forever (Lennon/McCartney)
  • Three Jolly Little Dwarfs (Burgess/Hopkins)
  • Now Your Time Has Come (Burgess/Hopkins/Hopkins)
  • Hallucinations (Burgess/Hopkins)


  • Keith West - vocals
  • Steve Howe - guitar
  • Junior (John Wood) - bass
  • Twink (John Alder) - drums

  • Mark Wirtz - keyboards

Other credits

  • Producer - Mark Wirtz
  • Engineer - Pete Brown - Pete Brown, Geoff Emerick
  • Illustrations - Mike Sedgewick
  • Liner notes - Roger Fennings

Related releases

This album has been released on CD sometimes with a single bonus tracks (Claremont Lake or Excerpt from a Teenage Opera).

An extended CD version of this album was released in 1999 with additional Tomorrow tracks plus tracks by Aquarian Age and Keith West;

Two singles were released in conjunction with this LP;
  • My White Bicycle / Claramount Lake, Tomorrow, 1967, Parlophone R 5597
  • Revolution / Three Jolly Little Dwarves, Tomorrow, 1967, Parlophone R 5627
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