Water from Another Time: A Retrospective

John McCutcheon

Initial release : 1992


Tracy Schwarz plays on at least one track of this collection.


  • The Great Storm Is Over (Franke)
  • Little Pink (Traditional)
  • Reel a Bouche (Traditional)
  • Rubber Blubber Whale (Kahn)
  • Planzty George Bradazon (OCarolan)
  • Christmans in the Trenches (McCutcheon)
  • Caught in the Crossfire (McCutcheon)
  • Back Side of Albany/Cooley's Reel (Traditional)
  • Wild Rose of the Mountain/Wild Rose of the Mountain (Kahm / Traditional)
  • Water from Another Time (McCutcheon)
  • The Red Corvette (McCutcheon)
  • Loggerman's Breakdown/Dulcimer Reel (Traditional / VanArsdale)
  • Cut the Cake (Jones)
  • One Strong Arm (McCutcheon)
  • For Unto Us a Child Is Born (Handel)
  • Feather Bed (McCutcheon)
  • No Mas! (McCutcheon)
  • Step by Step (Traditional)
  • How Can I Keep from Singing? (Traditional)
  • Kindergarten Wall (McCutcheon)
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