What It Takes: The Chess Years

Koko Taylor

Initial release : 1991



  • I Got What It Takes (Dixon)
  • Don't Mess with the Messer (Dixon)
  • Whatever I Am, You Made Me (Dixon)
  • I'm a Little Mixed Up (James / Johnson)
  • Wang Dang Doodle (Dixon)
  • (I Got) All You Need (Dixon)
  • Love Me (Dixon)
  • What Came First the Egg or the Hen (Dixon)
  • Insane Asylum (Dixon)
  • Fire (Dixon)
  • I Don't Care Who Knows (Dixon)
  • Twenty-Nine Ways to My Baby's Door (Dixon)
  • Blue Prelude (Bishop / Jenkins)
  • I Need More and More (Dixon)
  • Um Huh My Baby (Barrage / Dixon)
  • Bills, Bills and More Bills (Dixon)
  • Let Me Love You Baby (Dixon / Ingram)
  • I Got What It Takes (Dixon)
Extra tracks on expanded version;
  • What Kind of Man Is That? (Taylor)
  • Blues Heaven (LaPalm)
  • Tell Me the Truth (Dunson)
  • Good Advice (Lenoir)
  • Separate or Integrate
  • Tease Your Man (Dixon)
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