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6/20/14 Sheridan Opera House, Telluride, CO

Yonder Mountain String Band

Initial release : 2014

A concert recording available as a download from Includes a cover of the Garcia/Hunter song Reuben And Cerise.


  • Fastball
  • Mother's Only Son
  • Little Lover
  • Left Me In A Hole
  • Sharecropper's Son
  • Vamp In The Middle
  • Rueben And Cherise
  • Sideshow Blues
  • All The Time
  • Sideshow Blues
  • Sidewalk Stars
  • Polka On A Banjo
  • Harder They Come
  • Pretty Daughter
  • Wheel Hoss
  • Pretty Daughter
  • You're No Good
  • Traffic Jam
  • No Expectations
  • Traffic Jam
  • Funtime
  • How Mountain Girls Can Love

  • Adam Aijala
  • Dave Johnston
  • Ben Kaufmann

  • Ronnie McCoury (on whole show)
  • Jason Carter (on whole show)
  • John Frazier (on Reuben & Cherise through How Mountain Girls Can Love)
  • Stephen Mougin (on Sideshow Blues through How Mountain Girls Can Love)
  • Greg Garrison (on All The Time > Sideshow Blues)
  • Scott Vestal (on Harder They Come through Traffic Jam)
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