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A Thousand And One Nights With It's A Beautiful Day

It's A Beautiful Day

Initial release : 1974

CBS 32660

(Cover image shown may be from the 1981 reissue)

An It's A Beautiful Day compilation album of tracks taken from their four CBS LPs, including one track that includes Garcia from Marrying Maiden.


  • White Bird (Linda LaFlamme / David LaFlamme)
  • Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (Fred Webb)
  • Ridin' Thumb (Jim Seals)
  • Bombay Calling (Vince Wallace / David LaFlamme)
  • Hot Summer Day (Linda LaFlamme / David LaFlamme)
  • Soapstone Mountain (David LaFlamme)
  • The Dolphins (Fred Neil)
  • Don and Dewey (Don Bowman / David LaFlamme)
  • Bye Bye Baby (Val Fuentes)
  • Hoedown (David LaFlamme)

Garcia plays only on Hoedown on this compilation album. This track is taken from the It's A Beautiful Day LP Marrying Maiden. During the recording of this album It's A Beautiful Day were;

  • Pattie Santos - percussion, vocals
  • Val Fuentes - drums, vocals
  • Fred Webb - french horn, keyboards, vocals
  • David LaFlamme - flute, violin, guitar, vocals
  • Mitchell Holman - bass, harmonica, vocals
  • Hal Wagenet - guitar, vocals
  • Jerry Garcia - banjo

Credits for the Marrying Maiden LP;

  • Produced by Brent Dangerfield and It's A Beautiful Day
  • Engineers - David Brown, John Fiose
  • Recorded at Pacific High Recording and Wally Heider's Studio
Credits for the compilation;
  • Cover design, lettering, illustration (1981 reissue) - Guy Bariol
Related releases

This compilation album was reissued in Europe in 1981 (CBS Embassy 31932)

Hoedown is taken from the second It's A Beautiful Day album;

The other tracks are taken from Marrying Maiden and the following It's A Beautiful Day recordings;
  • It's A Beautiful Day, It's A Beautiful Day, 1969, Columbia CS 9768
  • Choice Quality Stuff, It's A Beautiful Day, 1971, Columbia KC30734
  • It's A Beautiful Day... Today, It's A Beautiful Day, 1973, Columbia KC 32181
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