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18 Essential Songs

Janis Joplin

Initial release : 1995

Columbia/Legacy 67005

A single CD collection of material released on the Janis box set.

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  • Trouble in Mind (Jones)
  • Down on Me (Joplin)
  • Bye Bye Baby (Saint John)
  • Ball and Chain (Thornton)
  • Piece of My Heart (Berns/Ragovoy)
  • I Need a Man to Love (Andrew/Joplin)
  • Summertime (Gershwin/Gershwin/Heyward)
  • Try (Just a Little Bit Harder) (Ragovoy/Taylor)
  • One Good Man (Joplin)
  • Kozmic Blues (Joplin/Mekler)
  • Raise Your Hand (Cropper/Floyd/Isbell)
  • Tell Mama (Carter/Daniel/Terrell)
  • Move Over (Joplin)
  • Mercedes Benz (Joplin/McClure/Neuwirth)
  • Get It While You Can (Ragovoy/Schuman)
  • Half Moon (Hall)
  • Trust Me (Womack)
  • Me and Bobby McGee (Foster/Kristofferson)
Note: An Australian version of this compilation, a double CD called 18 Essential Songs + 12, included 12 additional tracks: Magic Of Love, Misery 'N, One Night Stand, Harry, Farewell Song, Amazing Grace, Hi-heel Sneakers, Catch Me Daddy, Cry Baby, A Woman Left Lonely, Buried Alive In The Blues and My Baby.


Musicians on this compilation include;

  • Janis Joplin - vocals
  • Peter Albin - bass
  • Sam Andrew - guitar
  • David Getz - drums
  • James Gurley - guitar
  • John Till - guitar
  • Richard Bell - piano
  • Ken Pearson - organ
  • Brad Campbell - bass
  • Clark Pierson - drums