The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of the Onion / The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

The Incredible String Band

Initial release : 2002

Collectors' Choice Music

2-on-1 release of the 2nd and 3rd ISB albums.


  • Chinese White (Heron)
  • No Sleep Blues (Williamson)
  • Painting Box (Heron)
  • The Mad Hatter's Song (Williamson)
  • Little Cloud (Heron)
  • The Eyes of Fate (Williamson)
  • Blues for the Muse (Williamson)
  • The Hedgehog's Song (Heron)
  • First Girl I Loved (Williamson)
  • You Know What You Could Be (Heron)
  • My Name Is Death (Williamson)
  • Gently Tender (Heron)
  • Way Back in the 1960's (Williamson)
  • Koeeoaddi There (Williamson)
  • The Minotaur's Song (Williamson)
  • Witches Hat (Williamson)
  • A Very Cellular Song (Heron)
  • Mercy I Cry City (Heron)
  • Waltz of the New Moon (Williamson)
  • The Water Song (Williamson)
  • Three Is a Green Crown (Williamson)
  • Swift as the Wind (Heron)
  • Nightfall (Williamson)

Musicians include;

  • Mike Heron - keyboards, dulcimer, bass, guitar, sitar, vocals
  • Robin Williamson - keyboards, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, percussion, harp, oud, vocals
  • Licorice McKechnie - violin, keyboards
  • Rose Simpson - bass, percussion
  • David Snell - harp
  • Danny Thompson - bass
  • John Hopkins - piano
  • Dolly Collins - piano
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