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60's Punk EP Vol. 2

Various Artists

Initial release : 198?

Moxie M-1013

This 7" vinyl compilation includes a track by Teddy & His Patches. The material was also released as part of a 4 EP box set.

Tracks / Musicians

  • Dirty Old Man (At The Age Of 17) - Them
  • Acid Head - The Velvet Illusions
  • Velvet Illusions - The Velvet Illusions
  • Haight Ashbury - Teddy & His Patches
  • My Flash On You - Thee Sixpence
  • Dirty Old Man - Twas Brillig
Related releases

Haight Ashbury was originally released on a single;

  • Haight Ashbury / I Ain't Nothin', Teddy and His Patches, 1967, Chance 669
This EP was also released as part of a box set;
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