The Alaskan Mile

Doug Geeting

Initial release : 2005

Redbirds Wing

This album includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song Thirsty Boots.


  • Rancher Looks at Life (Geeting)
  • Ready for the Storm (MacLean)
  • Epistle (Axton)
  • Spur Road Speed King (Geeting)
  • Traveling Shoes (Staines)
  • The Alaskan Mile (Geeting)
  • The Sky Above the Mud Below (Russell)
  • San Francisco Maybel Joy (Newbury)
  • Fairwell to Mugs (Geeting)
  • Spirit Song (Staines)
  • Cowboy Away (Durr)
  • Randall Knife (Clark)
  • Lighting Up the Mighty Mississippi (Wheeler)
  • Thirsty Boots (Andersen)
  • Sweet Ramble (Geeting)
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