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Baby Batter

Harvey Mandel

Initial release : 1971

Janus JLS-3017

Howard Wales plays on this LP.

This album was issued in some European countries as Electronic Progress.


  • Baby Batter (Mandel)
  • Midnight Sun (Mandel)
  • One Way Street (Mandel)
  • Morton Grove Mama (Mandel)
  • Freedom Ball (Mandel)
  • El Stinger (Mandel)
  • Hank the Ripper (Mandel)

Musicians on this LP include;

  • Harvey Mandel - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Larry Taylor - fender bass
  • Howard Wales - organ, electric piano
  • Paul Lagos - drums
  • Big Black - conga
  • Mike Melvoin - organ, electric piano
  • Colin Bailey - drums
  • Emil Richards - percussion (on Hank The Ripper and One Way Street)
  • Joe Pickard - percussion (on El Stinger)
  • Sandra Crouch - tambourine (on Baby Batter and Midnight Sun)
  • String section

  • Producer - Abe Kesh
  • Engineer, space remixer - Hank Cicalo
  • Assistant engineers - Taxi Squad members Tommie and Norm
  • String arrangements - Shorty Rogers Cover and liner photos - Johnny Hayes, KRLA Radio, LA
  • Album coordination - Dorothy Schwartz
  • Production supervision - Bob Scerbo
  • Special thanks to Harry Nilsson, wine consultant and bearer and Tommie LiPuma for his 3 a.m. care packages
  • Recorded at A&M Studio A
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Baby Batter was subsequently released on a two LP on one CD release;

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