Baby Girl: A Tribute to My Father, Carter Stanley

Jeanie Stanley with Ralph Stanley and Ralph Stanley II

Initial release : 2005



  • Baby Girl (Stanley)
  • Who Will Sing for Me (Stanley / Stanley)
  • The Fields Have Turned Brown (Stanley)
  • The Memory of Your Smile (Stanley)
  • She's More to Be Pitied (Stanley)
  • How Mountain Girls Can Love (Stanley)
  • Harbor of Love (Stanley)
  • White Dove (Stanley)
  • Train 45 (Stanley)
  • The Angels Are Singing in Heaven Tonight (Stanley / Stanley)
  • Two Sides to a Story (Isaacs / Stanley)
  • Jesus Is Precious (Issacs / Stanley)
  • The Lonesome River (Stanley)
  • Dream of a Miner's Child (Traditional)
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