Back From The Shadows: The Firesign Theatre's 25th Anniversary Reunion Tour

The Firesign Theatre

Initial release : 1994

Mobile Fidelity

Some of the tracks on this release were recorded live at the Berkeley Community Theater in 1994. A DVD of this material was also subsequently released.


  • Still Waiting For The Electrician (Or Someone Like Him)
    At The Border
    Beat The Reaper
  • Nick Danger In "Cut 'Em Off At The Past!"
    He Walks Again By Night
    The Old Same Place
    Hold It Right There!
  • How Can You Be In Two Places At Once? (When You're Not Anywhere At All)
    Ralph Spoilsport Motors
    On The Antelope Freeway
    The American Pagent
    Bringing The War Back Home
  • I Think We're All Bozos (On This Bus)
    On The Funway
    The Breaking Of The President
    Doctor Memory
  • Don't Crush That Dwarf (Hand Me The Pliers)
    Tirebiter Wakes Up Hungry
    Pastor Flash
    High School Madness
    Parallel Hell
    The Court-Martial Scene
    George Gets A Wakeup Call
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