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Beautiful People

Various Artists

Initial release : 197?

Harmony 11383

This compilation includes tracks by The Great Society, Electric Flag and The United States Of America.

Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Square Headed People - John Kay
  • Sally, Go 'Round The Roses - The Great Society
  • Sitar Todi - Ravi Shankar
  • Lay Down Your Weary Tune - The Byrds
  • Groovin' Is Easy - Electric Flag
  • American Metaphysical Circus - United States of America
  • Candy Man - The Rising Suns
  • Hey Joe - Tim Rose
  • Star Children - Don Ellis
Related releases

Sally, Go 'Round The Roses was originally released on a single and an LP;

  • Sally, Go 'Round The Roses / Didn't Think So, The Great Society, 1968, CBS 44583
  • Conspicuous Only In Its Absence, The Great Society, 1968, Columbia CS-9624
Groovin' Is Easy was originally released on; American Metaphysical Circus was originally released on;
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