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The Best Of Clover: An American Band In London


Initial release : 1986

Mercury MERB 98

A compilation of material recorded and first released on two LPs in the UK where the group were based in the late 1970's.


  • Love Love
  • Oh Seņorita
  • Streets Of London
  • Chicken Funk
  • Travellin' Man
  • Keep On Rollin'
  • Southern Belles
  • Chain Gang
  • California Kid
  • I Lie Awake (And Dream Of You)
  • Still Alive
  • Route '66

  • Alex Call - guitar, vocals
  • Johnny Ciambotti - bass
  • John McFee - guitar, vocals
  • Huey Lewis - harmonica, vocals
  • Sean Hopper - keyboards, vocals
  • Micky Shine - drums, percusion, vocals
  • Tony Braunagel - drums
  • Marcus David - drums (on Route '66)
Related releases

Love Love, Streets Of London, I Lie Awake (And Dream Of You) and Show Me Your Love were originally released on;

Southern Belles, Oh Senorita, Still Alive, Keep On Rollin', California Kid and Travellin' Man were originally released on; Chicken Funk was originally released only on a UK single;
  • Chicken Funk/Show Me Your Love, Clover, 1976, Vertigo 6059 157
Chain Gang was originally released only on a UK single;
  • Chain Gang / Streets Of London, Clover, 1977, Vertigo 6059 175
Route '66 is a previously unreleased track which was recorded for a Levi's ad.

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