The Best of Linda Ronstadt: The Capitol Years

Linda Ronstadt

Initial release : 2006


A double CD compilation. Includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song I Ain't Always Been Faithful.


  • Baby, You've Been on My Mind (Dylan)
  • Silver Threads and Golden Needles (Reynolds / Rhodes)
  • Bet No One Ever Hurt This Bad (Newman)
  • A Number and a Name (Campbell / Gillette)
  • The Only Mama That'll Walk the Line (Ball / Bryant)
  • The Long Way Around (Edwards)
  • Break My Mind (Loudermilk)
  • I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Dylan)
  • It's About Time (Douglas)
  • We Need a Lot More of Jesus (And a Lot Less Rock & Roll) (Raney)
  • The Dolphins (Neil)
  • It Won't Be Easy (Silvers)
  • Lovesick Blues (Friend / Mills)
  • Are My Thoughts With You? (Newbury)
  • Will You Love Me Tomorrow? (Goffin / King)
  • Nobody's (White)
  • Louise (Siebel)
  • Long Long Time (White)
  • Mental Revenge (Tillis)
  • I'm Leavin' It All Up to You (Harris / Terry)
  • He Darked the Sun (Clark / Leadon)
  • Life Is Like a Mountain Railway (Traditional)
  • He Darked the Sun (Clark / Leadon)
  • Rock Me on the Water (Browne)
  • Crazy Arms (Mooney / Seals)
  • I Won't Be Hangin' 'Round (Kaz)
  • I Still Miss Someone (Cash / Cash)
  • In My Reply (Taylor)
  • I Fall to Pieces (Cochran / Howard)
  • Ramblin' 'Round (Guthrie / Ledbetter / Lomax)
  • Birds (Young)
  • I Ain't Always Been Faithful (Andersen)
  • Rescue Me (Miner)
  • Can't It Be True (Karlin / Kymry)
  • Kate
  • Long Long Time (White)
  • You're No Good (Ballard)
  • It Doesn't Matter Anymore (Anka)
  • Faithless Love (Souther)
  • The Dark End of the Street (Moman / Penn)
  • Heart Like a Wheel (McGarrigle)
  • When Will I Be Loved? (Everly)
  • Willin' (George)
  • I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You) (Williams)
  • Keep Me from Blowing Away (Craft)
  • You Can Close Your Eyes (Taylor)
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