Blue Moon Swamp

John Fogerty

Initial release : 1997

Warner Bros 45426

The fifth solo release from John Fogerty. His first release for 11 years.

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  • Southern Streamline (Fogerty)
  • Hot Rod Heart (Fogerty)
  • Blueboy (Fogerty)
  • Hundred and Ten in the Shade (Fogerty)
  • Rattlesnake Highway (Fogerty)
  • Bring It Down to Jelly Roll (Fogerty)
  • Walking in a Hurricane (Fogerty)
  • Swamp River Days (Fogerty)
  • Rambunctious Boy (Fogerty)
  • Joy of My Life (Fogerty)
  • Blue Moon Nights (Fogerty)
  • Bad Bad Boy (Fogerty)