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Bluegrass and Old Timey Music

The Charles River Valley Boys

Initial release : 1962



  • Rocky Island (Traditional)
  • White Dove (Stanely Brothers)
  • Front Porch Backstep (Siggins)
  • (When You See) Those Flying Saucers (Coben / Grean)
  • Away Out on the Mountain (Harrell)
  • The Foggy Dew (Traditional)
  • Easy Winner (Traditional)
  • Leavin' Home (Poole)
  • The Auctioneer (Black / Van Dyke)
  • Victim to the Tomb (Duffey)
  • Crazy Creek (Edenton / Jackson)
  • Baby-O (Traditional)
  • There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me (McAuliffe / Tailor)
  • Soldier's Joy (Traditional)
  • Oh Me, Oh My (Traditional)
  • Short Life of Trouble (Grayson / Whitter)
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