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Blues And Bluegrass

The Dixie Gentlemen with Tut Taylor

Initial release : 1966

Tune TRC-1001 (reissued on Old Homestead)

Vassar Clements plays on this album. Below the album name on the front cover it say "featuring the fine fiddle of Vassar Clements."


  • How Many Hearts Have You Broken
  • Flint River Ramble
  • The Waves Of Sorrow
  • Little Green Pill
  • Dixie Ride
  • Soldier's Return
  • Riding To Rimrock
  • Your Heart Tells The Truth
  • Pine Lake Picking
  • Orange Blossom Special
  • Picking Peanuts
  • Running Wild

Musicians involved are probably

  • Jake Landers - guitar
  • Rual Yarborough - banjo
  • James Bryan - fiddle
  • Johnny Montgomery - bass
  • Tut Taylor - dobro
  • Vassar Clements - fiddle
  • Herschel Sizemore - mandolin
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