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Symphonies Nos. 20 and 25 and Fantastic Variation on an Old Rhyme

Havergal Brian

National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

Initial release : 1996

Marco Polo 8.223731

This recording is part of the Brian Cycle of recordings and was recorded in association with The Havergal Brian Society and the Rex Foundation.

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  • Fantastic Variations on an Old Rhyme
  • Symphony No. 20 in C Sharp Minor
    Adagio - Allegro agitato
    Adagio ma troppo, cantabile e sostenuto
    Allegro vivo
  • Symphony No. 25 in A Minor
    Allegro risoluto
    Andante cantabile
    Allegro ma non tanto

  • National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
  • Conductor - Andrew Penny

  • Producer - George Grobynsky, Alexander Hornostai
  • Engineer - Andrew Mokrytsky
  • Sound editor - Dmitry Missailov
  • Music notes - Malcolm McDonald
  • Cover painting - Brighton Beach With Colliers, John Constable
  • Recorded at the Concert Hall of the Ukrainian Radio October 28-30, 1994
  • Recorded in association with the Havergal Brian Society and the Rex Foundation