The Chess Box

Bo Diddley

Initial release : 1990


A 2 CD compilation of recordings made for Chess Records. Includes a large format booklet. A remastered edition of this collection was released in 2008.


  • Bo Diddley (McDaniel)
  • I'm a Man (Diddley)
  • You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care) (McDaniel)
  • Diddley Daddy (Diddley / Fuqua)
  • Pretty Thing (Dixon)
  • Bring It to Jerome (Green)
  • Bring It to Jerome (Green)
  • Diddy Wah Diddy (Diddley / Dixon)
  • I'm Looking for a Woman (McDaniel)
  • Who Do You Love? (McDaniel)
  • Down Home Special (McDaniel)
  • Hey! Bo Diddley (McDaniel)
  • Mona (McDaniel)
  • Say Boss Man (McDaniel)
  • Before You Accuse Me (McDaniel)
  • Say Man (Diddley)
  • Hush Your Mouth (McDaniel)
  • The Clock Strikes Twelve (McDaniel)
  • Dearest Darling [alternate take] (Diddley)
  • Crackin' Up (Diddley)
  • Don't Let It Go (Hold on to What You Got) (McDaniel)
  • I'm Sorry (Fuqua / McDaniel)
  • Mumblin' Guitar (Diddley)
  • The Story of Bo Diddley (McDaniel)
  • She's Alright (McDaniel)
  • Say Man (McDaniel)
  • Roadrunner (Diddley)
  • Spend My Life With You (McDaniel)
  • Cadillac (Diddley)
  • Signifying Blues (McDaniel)
  • Deed and Deed I Do (McDaniel)
  • You Know I Love You (McDaniel)
  • Look at My Baby (McDaniel)
  • Ride on Josephine (Diddley)
  • Aztec (McDaniel)
  • Back Home (McDaniel)
  • Pills (Diddley)
  • I Can Tell (Smith)
  • You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover (Dixon)
  • Who May Your Lover Be (McDaniel)
  • The Greatest Lover in the World (Vail)
  • 500% More Man (McDaniel / McMatthew)
  • Ooh Baby (McDaniel)
  • Bo Diddley 1969 (McDaniel)
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