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Classic Cuts: 1933-41

The Delmore Brothers

Initial release : 2004


A 4 CD, 87 track box set.

Tracks / Musicians

  • I Ain't Got Nowhere to Travel
  • Smokey Mountain Bill and His Song
  • Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar
  • Lonesome Yodel Blues
  • Brown's Ferry Blues
  • I'm Mississippi Bound
  • I've Got the Big River Blues
  • The Girls Don't Worry My Mind
  • Bury Me out on the Prairie
  • The Frozen Girl
  • Lonesome Jailhouse Blues
  • Blue Railroad Train
  • When It's Summertime in a Southern Clime
  • Blow Yo' Whistle, Freight Train
  • Down South
  • Brown's Ferry Blues, Pt. 2
  • I Got the Kansas City Blues
  • Alabama Lullaby
  • The Fugitive's Lament
  • I'm Going Away
  • I Long to See My Mother
  • Lorena, The Slave
  • The Nashville Blues
  • The Lover's Warning
  • I'm Worried Now
  • Take Away This Lonesome Day
  • Promise Me You'll Always Be Faithful
  • Don't You See That Train
  • It's Takin' Me Down
  • That Yodelin' Gal Miss Julie
  • I'm Gonna Change My Way
  • Happy Hickey The Hobo
  • Lonesome Yodel Blues [Blue Yodel No. 2]
  • Put Me on the Train to Carolina
  • My Smokey Mountain Gal
  • Take Me Back to the Range
  • No Drunkard Can Enter There
  • Southern Moon
  • False Hearted Girl
  • The Budded Rose
  • The Blind Child
  • Are You Marching With the Savior
  • No One
  • Lead Me
  • I Need the Prayers of Those I Love
  • I've Got the Railroad Blues
  • The Weary Lonesome Blues
  • Heavenly Light Is Shining on Me
  • Wonderful There
  • Singing My Troubles Away
  • They Say It Is Sinful to Flirt
  • Till the Roses Bloom Again
  • When We Held Our Hymn Books Together
  • Hi De Ho Baby Mine
  • Goodbye Booze
  • Careless Love (Bring My Baby Back)
  • In That Vine Covered Chapel in the Valley
  • The Cannon Ball
  • 15 Miles from Birmingham
  • Where Is My Sailor Boy
  • Just the Same Sweet Thing to Me
  • A Better Range Is Home
  • Don't Let My Ramblin' Bother Your Mind
  • Wabash Blues
  • Go Easy Mabel
  • Over the Hills
  • The Dying Truckdriver
  • Scatterbrain Mama
  • Happy on the Mississippi Shore
  • Rainin' on the Mountain
  • See That Coon in a Hickory Tree
  • The Storms Are on the Ocean
  • Back to Birmingham
  • The Eastern Gate
  • God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds
  • There's Trouble on My Mind Today
  • Silver Dollar
  • Old Mountain Dew
  • In the Blue Hills of Virginia
  • Make Room in the Lifeboat for Me
  • When It's Time for the Whip-Poor-Will to Sing
  • Will You Be Lonesome Too?
  • Broken Hearted Lover
  • I Now Have a Bugle to Play
  • Baby Girl
  • Gospel Cannonball
  • Honey I'm Ramblin' Away
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