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Closer To The Ground

Joy Of Cooking

Initial release : 1971

Capitol SMAS 828

The second Joy Of Cooking album.

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  • Closer to the Ground (Brown)
  • Blues for a Friend (Brown)
  • New Colorado Blues (Brown)
  • Humpty-Dumpty (Garthwaite)
  • A Thousand Miles (Brown)
  • Sometimes Like a River (Loving You) (Brown)
  • Pilot (Garthwaite)
  • The War You Left (Brown)
  • First Time Last Time (Brown)
  • Laugh, Don't Laugh (Brown)

  • Terry Garthwaite - guitar, vocals
  • Toni Brown - keyboards, guitar, steel guitar, vocals
  • Fritz Kasten - alto saxophone, drums
  • Jeff Neighbor - bass, trombone
  • Ron Wilson - congas, bongos, harp

  • Producer - John Palladino
  • Engineer - Jay Ranellucci, Ken Perry
  • Art director - John Hoernle
  • Painting - Richard Crawford
  • Colour photo - T G Humbead
  • Recorded at Capitol Studios, June and July 1971
Related releases

Closer To The Ground was released on CD on the Evangeline label in 2004.

All tracks from the Closer To The Ground album were included on the double CD compilation;

Closer to the Ground and New Colorado Blues were included on; Closer to the Ground, New Colorado Blues, Humpty-Dumpty, Pilot and The War You Left were included on;