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The Complete Greatest Hits

Gordon Lightfoot

Initial release : 2002


Vassar Clements plays on at least one track of this compilation.


  • Early Morning Rain (Lightfoot)
  • For Lovin' Me (Lightfoot)
  • Go-Go Round (Lightfoot)
  • Canadian Railroad Trilogy (Lightfoot)
  • Pussywillows, Cat-Tails (Lightfoot)
  • Bitter Green (Lightfoot)
  • If You Could Read My Mind (Lightfoot)
  • Summer Side of Life (Lightfoot)
  • Cotton Jenny (Lightfoot)
  • Beautiful (Lightfoot)
  • Sundown (Lightfoot)
  • Carefree Highway (Lightfoot)
  • Rainy Day People (Lightfoot)
  • The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Lightfoot)
  • Race Among the Ruins (Lightfoot)
  • Daylight Katy (Lightfoot)
  • The Circle Is Small (Lightfoot)
  • Baby Step Back (Lightfoot)
  • Stay Loose (Lightfoot)
  • Restless (Lightfoot)
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