Country Roads Collection

John Denver

Initial release : 1997

RCA 67437

This 3 CD collection includes a cover of the Eric Andersen song Thirsty Boots.

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  • Leaving on a Jet Plane (Denver)
  • Circus (Denver/Johnson/Kuehn)
  • Rhymes and Reasons (Denver)
  • Catch Another Butterfly (Williams)
  • Daydream (Denver)
  • Follow Me (Denver)
  • Aspenglow (Denver)
  • Molly (Rose)
  • Sticky Summer Weather (Denver)
  • Isabel (Denver)
  • Sunshine on My Shoulders (Denver/Johnson/Kniss)
  • My Sweet Lady (Denver)
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads (Danoff/Denver/Nivert)
  • I Guess He'd Rather Be in Colorado (Danoff/Nivert)
  • Poems, Prayers and Promises (Denver)
  • Starwood in Aspen (Denver)
  • City of New Orleans (Goodman)
  • All of My Memories (Denver)
  • Casey's Last Ride (Kristofferson)
  • The Eagle and the Hawk (Denver/Nivert)
  • Friends With You (Danoff/Nivert)
  • Rocky Mountain High (Denver/Taylor)
  • For Baby (For Bobbie) (Denver)
  • Goodbye Again (Denver)
  • We Don't Live Here No More (Danoff)
  • I'd Rather Be a Cowboy (Lady's Chains) (Denver)
  • Farewell Andromeda (Welcome to My Morning) (Denver)
  • Rocky Mountain Suite (Denver)
  • Annie's Song (Denver)
  • Back Home Again (Denver)
  • Grandma's Feather Bed (Connor)
  • Sweet Surrender (Denver)
  • Eclipse (Denver)
  • Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Sommers)
  • This Old Guitar (Denver)
  • Spirit (Denver/Henry)
  • Song of Wyoming (Lewis)
  • I'm Sorry (Denver)
  • Windsong (Denver/Henry)
  • Looking for Space (Denver)
  • Fly Away (Denver)
  • Calypso (Denver)
  • Come and Let Me Look in Your Eyes (Denver/Henry)
  • Like a Sad Song (Denver)
  • Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Burke/VanHeusen)
  • In the Grand Way (Sommers)
  • How Can I Leave You Again (Denver)
  • Ripplin' Waters (Ibbotson)
  • It Amazes Me (Denver)
  • Singing Skies and Dancing Waters (Denver)
  • Dearest Esmeralda (Danoff)
  • Thirsty Boots (Andersen)
  • I Want to Live (Denver)
  • Southwind (Pedersen)
  • Garden Song (Mallett)
  • What's on Your Mind (Denver)
  • You're So Beautiful (Denver)
  • In My Heart (Denver)
  • The Mountain Song (Wickland)
  • Song for the Life (Crowell)
  • Autograph (Denver)
  • Some Days Are Diamonds (Feller)
  • Country Love (Denver)
  • Dreams (Geyer)
  • Heart to Heart (Denver)
  • Shanghai Breezes (Denver)
  • Seasons of the Heart (Denver)
  • Perhaps Love
  • Falling Out of Love (Denver)
  • It's About Time (Denver/Hardin)
  • Wild Montana Skies
  • Dreamland Express (Denver)
  • If Ever (Andrews/Wonder)
  • I'm in the Mood to Be Desired Tonight (Martel/Walker)
  • Don't Close Your Eyes Tonight (Kerr/Musker)
  • Love Is the Master (Denver)
  • I Can't Escape (Denver)
  • Love Again (Denver)
  • Flying for Me (Denver)