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Crystalize Your Mind

Various Artists

Initial release : 1994

Big Beat 131

This compilation of tracks recorded at Golden State Recorders in San Francisco includes tracks by The Vejtables, The Mourning Reign, The Maze, The Living Children, The Rear Exit, Flying Circus, The Poor Souls, Transatlantic Train and Afterglow.

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Tracks / Musicians

The tracks and performers on this compilation are;

  • Crystalize Your Mind - The Living Children
  • Now It's Over - The Living Children
  • I'll Be Around - Poor Souls
  • Shadows - Vejtables
  • Feel the Music - Vejtables
  • Excitation - The Rear Exit
  • Miles Beyond - The Rear Exit
  • The Train - Transatlantic Train
  • You're Bringing Me Down - Transatlantic Train
  • She Was a Lady - Transatlantic Train
  • I'm Going - Flying Circus
  • Midnight Highway - Flying Circus
  • Green Eyes Green World - Flying Circus
  • Swallow the Sun (Dark on You Now) - Love Exchange
  • Light Switch - Mourning Reign
  • Cut Back - Mourning Reign
  • Kissy Face - Maze
  • Dejected Soul - Maze
  • Napoleon - Staff
  • Would You Take Me for a Ride - Staff
  • Morning - Afterglow
  • Susie's Gone - Afterglow
  • Untitled - ?

  • Original producer - Leo De Gar Kulka
  • Compilation, archive research, liner notes - Alec Palao
  • Package design - Phil Smee
Related releases

The sources of the tracks on this compilation are as follows.

Crystalize Your Mind and Now It's Over were originally released on a single;

  • Crystalize Your Mind / Now It's Over, The Living Children, 1967, MTA 140
Feel The Music and Shadows were originally released on a single;
  • Feel The Music / Shadows, 1966, Uptown 741
Excitation and Miles Beyond were released on the single;
  • Excitation / Miles Beyond, The Rear Exit, 1967, MTA 132
The Train and You're Bringing Me Down were released on the single;
  • The Train / You're Bringing Me Down, Transatlantic Train, 1967, Tower 321
I'm Going and Midnight Highway were released on the single;
  • I'm Going / Midnight Highway, Flying Circus, 1966, MTA 117
Green Eyes Green World was released on the single;
  • Green Eyes Green World / Got To Learn To Love, Flying Circus, 1967, MTA 130
Swallow the Sun (Dark on You Now) was released on the single;
  • Swallow the Sun (Dark on You Now) / ?, Love Exchange, 1967, Uptown 755
Kissy Face and Dejected Soul were originally released on; Morning and Susie's Gone were originally released on; I'll Be Around by The Poor Souls, Light Switch and Cut Back by The Mourning Reign, and Napoleon and Would You Take Me For A Ride were all previously unreleased at the time of the release of this compilation.