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Dealing a New Hand (From The Same Old Deck)

The New Deal String Band

Initial release : 1999

Wildwood Acoustic 19804

The New Deal String Band were formed in London in 1966 by Tom Paley and Joe Locker but did not record at that time. The group was reformed in the 1990's with Ben Paley added to the line-up. This was the groups first release.


  • Hogeye
  • Rain and Snow
  • Didn't he Ramble
  • Done Gone
  • The Tenderfoot
  • Chinquapin / The Puncheon Floor
  • Methodist Pie
  • The Baltimore Fire
  • Sal's Got A Meatskin
  • Old Reuben
  • George Collins
  • Goodbye Miss Liza
  • Jordan is a Hard Road
  • Georgia Camp Meeting
  • Midnight on the Water
  • Penney's Farm
  • Blow ye Winds
  • Fly Around
  • Mineola Rag
  • Old Shoes and Leggings
  • Rattlesnake Mountain
  • Bound to Ride

  • Tom Paley - guitar, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, vocals
  • Joe Locker - guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Ben Paley - fiddle
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