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The Definitive Collection

Lou Reed

Initial release : 1999

Arista 14610

This compilation includes some tracks with Rob Wasserman on bass.

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  • The Blue Mask (Reed)
  • I Wanna Be Black (Reed)
  • Looking for Love (Reed)
  • Coney Island Baby (Reed)
  • Shooting Star (Reed)
  • Romeo Had Juliette (Reed)
  • I Want to Boogie With You (Fontara/Reed)
  • Set the Twilight Reeling (Reed)
  • Vicious (Reed)
  • Waltzing Matilda/Street Hassle/Slipaway (Reed)
  • Vicious Circle (Reed)
  • Walk on the Wild Side (Reed)
  • Temporary Thing (Reed)
  • Cremation/Ashes to Ashes (Reed)
  • The Bells (Fogel/Reed)
  • Dirty Blvd. [live] (Reed)


Romeo Had Juliette is taken from the New York album. The musicians involved are;

  • Lou Reed - guitar, vocals
  • Mike Rathke - guitar
  • Rob Wasserman - bass
  • Fred Maher - drums, bass
  • Maureen Tucker - percussion
Cremation/Ashes to Ashes is taken from the Magic And Loss album. . The musicians involved are;
  • Lou Reed - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, background vocals
  • Mike Rathke - acoustic guitar, electric guitar, casio guitar
  • Rob Wasserman - electric upright bass
  • Michael Blair - drums, percussion, background vocals

  • Compilation producer - Lou Reed
  • Producers - Lou Reed, Mick Ronson, Godfrey Diamond, Fred Maher, Mike Rathke, Richard Robinson, Sean Fullan
  • Engineer, mixing - Godfrey Diamond
  • Mastering - Bob Ludwig
  • Liner Notes - David Fricke
  • Art direction, photography - Mick Rock
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