Don't Cry to Me

Jimmy Martin

Initial release : 2004

Thrill Jockey


  • On and On (Monroe)
  • Ocean of Diamonds (Carnahan)
  • John Henry (Traditional)
  • Homesick (Cole)
  • Sophronie (Delmore, Mullins)
  • Foggy Old London (Robinson)
  • Hit Parade of Love (Birchfield, Martin)
  • Who'll Sing for Me (Farris)
  • I Like to Hear Em Preach It (Martin, Williams)
  • Don't Cry to Me (Martin, Williams)
  • Poor Ellen Smith (Donny, Martin)
  • Losing You (Donny, Martin)
  • You Don't Know My Mind (Humphrey, Martin)
  • Free Born Man (Allison, Lindsay)
  • Brakeman's Blues (Rodgers)
  • Time Has Made a Change (Frye)
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