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Dust Bowl Children

Peter Rowan

Initial release : 1990

Sugar Hill SH-3781

A solo, acoustic album.

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  • Dust Bowl Children (Rowan)
  • Before the Streets Were Paved (Rowan)
  • Electric Blanket (Rowan)
  • Little Mother (Rowan)
  • Barefoot Country Road (Howard/Rowan)
  • Seeds My Daddy Sowed (Rowan)
  • Tumbleweed (Miller/Rowan)
  • Dream of a Home (Rowan)
  • Rainmaker (Nicholson/Rowan)
  • Forest for the Trees (Rowan)
  • The Harvest (Rowan)
  • Wings of Horses (Rowan/Rowan)

  • Peter Rowan - guitar, mandola, vocals

  • Producer - Peter Rowan, Jerry Douglas, Bill VornDick
  • Engineer, Blending - Bill VornDick, Jerry Douglas
  • Mastering - Jim Loyd
  • Hopi photographs courtesy of University of Northern Arizona, Kate Cory Collection. Special thanks to Carol Burke and Dorothy House
  • Peter Rowan photo - Jane C. Stader
  • Cover concept - Peter Rowan
  • Design, layout - Bob Murray
  • Recorded at the Sound Shop, Nashville, TN
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